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3 Geologists Testimonials


E. H. Boudreau – Registered Geologist

“I have known the Fisch brothers, John & Ed, since 1971, when they drilled a house well on my Sebastopol property. In my capacity as a consulting ground water geologist, we have worked on hundreds of parcels of land to find water. In realizing that to drill a successful well it is necessary to drill into permeable rock below the water table, they have sought to learn as much as possible about the geologic conditions in this area. To their credit, they have never believed in the existence of underground streams and lakes, knowing that ground water is in pore spaces in sand and gravel, or in small, open fractures in hard rock.”

See E. H. Boudreau’s illustration:
The Influence of Geology on Water Wells
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Water well drilling rig above Bodega Bay

Setting up on a drill hole overlooking Bodega Bay

Michael S. Malone – Consulting Geologist

Mr. Malone has practiced groundwater geology in California for the past 30 years. His principal expertise is identifying promising sites for new wells based on careful analysis of the site geology. When requested he also provides guidance and oversight of well design, development and well testing for optimal well yield. Although Mr. Malone has worked throughout California his principle area of practice includes the Sonoma, Napa, Lake and Mendocino County areas.

Mr. Malone received his degree in geological engineering from the Colorado School of Mines in 1979. Since that time he has provided geologic services for several large to mid-size Bay Area firms. Mr. Malone is a registered California Professional Geologist with specialty certifications in Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology*. His private consulting practice is based in Sebastopol, California and he can be reached at either (707) 829-5511 or mmalonegeologist@gmail.com

*Mike Malone has worked with Fisch Bros Drilling on many projects and has found Fisch Bros. very professional to work with.

Owner watching the drilling rig's control panel

Ed is monitoring the drill speed and pressure, both very important factors for drilling in any geology .

Adding a section of pipe onto the drill shaft

Adding more drill pipe – going deeper.

Ed Hoylman – Consulting Geologist & Hydrogeologist

After working for a number of years in the Northern California coastal area with ground water wells constructed by Fisch Bros Drilling, Ed Fisch asked if I would provide a testimonial for the company. I am a Professional Geologist and Certified Hydrogeologist in the State of California and have over thirty-five years of hydrogeologic experience in the state developing water resources for residential and public water systems. My water resource development work has focused primarily on evaluating the quantity and sustained yield from new water wells and assessing their impact on nearby wells.

To a significant degree, the construction of a water well can determine the quantity and quality of the ground water that is extracted from a given location. Improperly selected well materials can allow abrasive sand to enter the well and reduce the operational life of the well pump. Poorly constructed wells can prevent ground water from entering the well efficiently. Inefficient well construction can cause excessive drawdown (i.e., lowering the water level in the well while pumping) that can adversely impact neighboring wells.

My experience with Fisch Bros wells is that their wells are thoughtfully drilled, constructed, and developed to provide very efficient use of the existing water resources. Aquifer tests (i.e., long term pumping tests) have shown these wells provide clear, silt and sand free water with minimal drawdown for a given well discharge.

The drilling crews are very considerate of the home owners property and do not leave well construction debris nor excessive damage due to the presence of a heavy drill rig and support trucks. Fisch Bros Drilling is recognized for their work in the Northern California coastal area and is consistently recommended within the community of water resource professionals that I am familiar with. I highly recommend that Fisch Bros Drilling be given the opportunity to provide their expertise for water well development in the Northern California coastal area.

Ed Hoylman
Pacific GeoScience
30 Wilder Rd.
San Anselmo, CA 94960
(415) 459-3401 office
(415) 459-3402 fax
(415) 602-4582 cell

Owner Steve monitors the gauges during drilling

Steve is able to monitor the pressures in the drill hole on his control panel

Steve preparing to add a section of pipe on the drill shaft

No water yet…keep drilling!

Ed Fisch sharing a water well drilling sample

Ed explaining the geology of a sample from the bottom of the drill hole to his client